How can physical therapy help me?
A physical therapist can evaluate your condition; identify the source of your discomfort or dysfunction.  Once evaluated, the therapist will develop a treatment plan that normally involves some form of manual therapy, exercise, and modalities as needed to treat the problem areas.  You will also receive instruction in a home exercise program and education on proper body mechanics (ergonomics and posture) to prevent re-injury.

What is manual therapy and why is it important?
Many types of chronic spine and joint pain are due to joints that lack normal motion, or have become rigid.  This can cause chronic inflammation in the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments) producing chronic pain.  By restoring mobility, manual therapy can bring rapid pain relief for chronic conditions like plantar fasciatis, neck and back pain, myofascial pain, SI joint dysfunction, tendonitis, ligament strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and post fracture soreness.

Joint Mobilization
Often the reason a muscle spasm or pain is not alleviated with ice, medication and rest is due to the muscle trying to protect the joint by remaining tense.  This attempt by the body to protect an injured area creates restriction and pain reflex response. Joint mobilization involves improving mobility at the stiff segment(s) by the therapist performing gentle oscillating motions.  Joint surfaces which should freely glide and slide against each other are slowly loosened up, restoring normal movement. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization / Massage
Utilizes numerous techniques to directly loosen / mobilize the muscles and fascia to promote increased circulation, relaxation (muscle spasm reduction), reduce adhesions and pain.  This will allow you to participate in an exercise program that will help to return you to your normal daily activities and sport.

Why should I choose Healthy Image Physical Therapy?
At Healthy Image, you are my number one priority.  You will be evaluated and treated by Sylvia Ruetz, PT, who is the owner of Healthy Image Physical Therapy.  Sylvia has over 20 years experience in the treatment of orthopedic, spine and sports injuries and has specialized in manual therapy.  Each session is 60 minutes one-on one.

Who chooses physical therapy?
Your physician or insurance company may give you a list of physical therapists in your area.  You may even receive a prescription from another physical therapy clinic. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.  Healthy Image Physical Therapy accepts prescriptions from any Florida physician or physical therapy clinic.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Call Healthy Image Physical Therapy at 727-584-0053 or after hours at 727-365-6220 to make an appointment.  We will obtain the necessary information and schedule an appointment. 

What are your hours of operation?
Generally Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM by appointment.

How long will the session last?
Evaluations are generally 60 to 90 minutes and follow up sessions 60 to 75 minutes depending upon the severity of your injuries.

What should I wear?
Loose fitting clothes are best.  For example, if you have a shoulder problem a tank top or loose t-shirt.  For a knee problem, shorts or loose pants.  Gowns are available for cervical or upper back conditions.  You are welcome to bring clothing with you and change in our private treatment room.

What happens during my first physical therapy visit?
You will need to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paper work. Or to save time, it can be downloaded from this site and completed prior to your visit. Please bring the prescription for physical therapy, insurance card(s), photo ID and a medication list. You will receive an evaluation of your condition, including medical history, pain levels, location, measurements and functional testing.  The therapist will make a clinical assessment of your diagnosis and prognosis (rehab potential).  A treatment plan will be developed with specific goals to address those deficits or problems. Manual therapy, exercise or modalities will be utilized after the evaluation.

Will my physician receive reports?
Yes.  The initial evaluation, progress reports (generally every 4 to 6 weeks) and discharge summary will be sent to your physician.  We generally contact your physician by fax.  In urgent cases, he or she will be contacted by phone.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please call 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment to avoid the $25 fee. 

If you cancel or no show 3 or more times, we have the right to discharge you and inform your physician of non-compliance with prescribed treatment.

What are your fees?
An insurance check will be performed prior to your visit and discussed prior to your first visit.
Co-pays and coinsurance are due at the time of service unless a payment plan has been made.
Healthy Image Physical Therapy offers affordable self pay options for those with out coverage.
We accept checks and cash only.