I have herniated discs from a car accident that gave me horrible headaches.  I was referred to Sylvia, I was told that she had magical hands but I was skeptical because the other treatments had not worked to relieve the pain. I felt a difference after my first visit.  After a few weeks of working with Sylvia , I am 90% headache free.  The massages were awesome and the care and compassion she gives is amazing. Thank you so much for giving me pain free days.

Linda Reynolds 2-10-14

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your outstanding program!

When I walked into Healthy Image 5 weeks ago, I could not walk 50 yards without extreme hip and back pain.  My legs would go numb, and I'd have to stop... bend over and try to relocate my herniated disk.  Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't.
NOW I CAN,  without pain, without my legs going numb, let alone bent over like an old man (I'm 76 years old). I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I feel so much stronger and have more stamina... I just can't say enough good things about your program.

Bob Uhnavy  7/24/13

In writing our "thank you" note to Sylvia Ruetz for her devoted care of Eleanor Stark, we provide the following comments regarding her excellent role as a physical therapist from 6-28-13 to 9-13-13.
Upon the referral of Michael Hadley, DO, who had providing counsel and manipulative adjustments for Eleanor's lower back, we entered into a pleasing and rewarding relationship with Sylvia
We found  her to be very professional and competent in her discipline.  She was quite friendly and engaging as she immediately demonstrated her skills in listening and sizing up the situation informing Eleanor about what was required. For the next 3 1/2 months (17 hourly visits), Sylvia was "hands on." Each visit involved palpation because by her touch, she could determine how to massage the painful areas and prescribe the exercises Eleanor should do when seeing Sylvia and also at home each day.
As a physical therapist , time was spent each visit guiding and explaining the practice of the exercises and provide the pages of pictured moves and stretches to take home.  The goal was to strengthen the body's middle core.
As Eleanor approached the lmit of care permitted by Medicare, Sylvia with Dr. Hadley suggested Eleanor acquire a Saunders' lumbar traction device distributed by EMPI, Inc.  Again Sylvia was explaining and showing Eleanor how to operate the rather large contraption.  It's taken time to master it's capabilities, but Eleanor within a few weeks, has benefited considerably.
Thank you, Sylvia foe all you are, and for the obvious improvement that is evident in Eleanor.
Blessing be upon you !  From Eleanor and Woody Stark  (Sept 2013)

Dear Sylvia
I want to thank you for two months of repair and renewal on my right knee.  I thought the situation was nearly hopeless, and you proved me wrong!
I started with you two months ago… my meniscus was torn in a twist and fall.  It was so painful to walk and move that I spent my time on the couch, weakening my muscles and strength. I could not stand up from a chair without major lifting with my hands and arms, and I could not walk more than a few minutes.  Standing was painful and driving was a problem because the right knee would lock up
Now …after two months of exercise and strengthening, I am remarkably improved!
I do my exercises twice a day and each time, they get easier as I get stronger.
I can walk and shop like I did before my injury.
Driving is no problem-even more than 3 hours.
Getting up and down form a chair is so much easier.
I loved that you never leave my side while in PT.  Each visit we do more together and you prove to me that I can do it.  I also appreciate your guidance in my weight loss / life style change program…I’ve lost 7 pounds and feel so much better.  My friends notice I’m moving better, and best of all, I notice it too!  Thanks for all of your help. I would recommend you to anyone needing physical therapy!

Mary Lou McCarthy
Belleair Florida   February 28, 2013

I arrived in Florida with severe neck pain.  I went to a back/neck pain clinic and the Doctor highly recommended that I go to physical therapy.  He highly recommended Sylvia Ruetz, PT at Healthy Image Physical Therapy in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.  I am so glad I did as the Doctor ordered.
My first visit to see Sylvia was on January 16, 2012, and my pain level was about a 4.  By the time I left her clinic that day, my pain was a 1.  On my next visit, Sylvia recommended I  get a traction machine and I have benefitted from it.  I have only had 7 visits to see Sylvia and I am feeling much better now.  Sylvia instructed me on how to use the traction machine and gave me exercises to help with my neck issues in the future.
I highly recommend Sylvia Ruetz, PT for any therapy needed.  She is very professional.  Since I am now a “snowbird” only in Florida for the winter months, I feel so blessed to have benefitted from her and will recommend her to anyone I know who could use a great therapist.

Lois M. Smith  February 17, 2012

My Physical Therapy Experience
There is little else as frustrating as the loss of your own mobility.  Not being able to dive, cook, go to the bathroom, wash your hair, or sleep comfortably through the night.  (I had torn my rotator cuff during my beloved yoga class.)  This was very new to me, in my late forties.  A true “reality check.”  I had some of m darkest moments and discovered what I was really made of.  I was ready to work harder than ever. 
My first visit to Physical Therapy was pretty basic.  Determine the level of my injury, and my range of motion.  Sylvia gave me some simple exercises to do daily at home.  I was diligent!  They became easier and my confidence and range of motion grew.
The second week, we progressed with more challenging exercises to incorporate into my daily routine.  My strength grew with each passing week.  Her use of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and deep tissue massages also helped my healing progression.
By the fourth visit, Sylvia felt that I had all of the tools I needed and set me free.  I sincerely appreciated her belief in me and that gave me belief in myself.
Unfortunately, I managed to slip and fall fracturing my left elbow, just before my return to work.  Again, Sylvia showed me how to get my movement back. After 3 weeks in a sling, I was back to square one.  I managed to reinjure my rotator cuff, while my opposite elbow was in the sling.  Now I was managing two injuries again with Sylvia’s guidance and belief, we worked through what seemed like my toughest challenge yet.
I work in a restaurant and need all of my physical strength.  Fortunately I was able to return to my serving job, and was very pleased with my physical therapy for what seemed like a miserable time in my life, I always looked forward to our session.  Sylvia’s knowledge, care and concern, allowed me to believe in myself, conjure my fears and recover.  What a wonderful experience it was.

Kely Keller  June 2011

Just a short note to thank you for all you’ve done for me.  When Dr. Stephen Wood recommended your facility, I couldn’t move my left arm up to touch my head.  Per Dr. Wood, It was a “frozen left shoulder” which had been like that for a year, until the pain was so bad that I had to do something.
After cortisone shot, Dr. Wood said to see you.  “You were the best.”  Upon arriving at your facility, I was given a complete evaluation.  Your constant support to exercise daily helped me to improve to 100%.  Thanks to you, I can now lift my arm up to touch my head.
Your facility is the best I’ve ever been to.  Your knowledge of all the bones and muscles fascinated me.
Our personal conversations about our children moved me.  You even helped me find myself sometimes – you’re a true friend. I hope people will read this short note so that they too will be as happy as I am, because of you.
Angie 2010

Without reservation, I would recommend Sylvia Ruetz, physical therapist, as the very best imaginable!  I speak from experience, having seen other therapists in the past for different injuries.

I was in a car accident and needed to have physical therapy for my injuries.  What a difference the treatment experience was with Sylvia.  I had her one-on –one for the entire hour for each treatment and she knew just how to treat the injury, relieving pain, increasing strength and stressing what exercises I needed to do at home.  I would come home and tell my husband she was amazing and always looked forward to my next appointment. 
Sylvia’s professionalism, knowledge and most pleasant demeanor, makes it easy to recommend her as the best choice for a physical therapist. She is also in a very nice location with parking right at the entrance to her building.

Patty Nuytten   January 7, 2009

Having sustained a right shoulder injury in Oct 2006, I was in extreme pain and could not lift my right arm higher than my shoulder.  I went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who found that my rotator cuff had been seriously torn in a fall ten years prior.  The tear was so old that it was inoperable, therefore he prescribed physical therapy.  I did some research and was given Sylvia’s name and my treatment started immediately.  The improvement started almost immediately and I am now not only able to lift objects over my head but also to fully use my arm.  This was done with physical therapy and a series of muscle exercises which I do to this day. 
Unfortunately, in Feb 2008 I once again fell, this time injuring my left shoulder.  The same surgeon, same inoperable situation and back to Sylvia I went.  Once again, she got me back to using my shoulders in a normal and pain free fashion.  Words can not describe how thankful I am for Sylvia’s skills and abilities.  SHE IS AMAZING!!

A Williams
Clearwater Beach, FL

Dr. Chen diagnosed me with a herniated disc in my neck.  It was very painful.  He did a series of injections which did help, but there was still some swelling and pain.  He sent me for physical therapy to Sylvia.  She started massage, ice compress, exercise and ultrasound.  I had been in so much pain that I could not stand to put my blouse on without help.  Sylvia is good at what she does, I’m so much better.

Ingrid Grybash

Dear Sylvia
I am grateful to Dr. Chen for having referred me to you for a course of physical therapy.
In just a relatively short period of time, you have assisted me to make measurable steps toward my making inroads into my chronic pain.  By making my exercises mild and “doable”, I have been able to remain compliant with them.  For someone with a large component of “procrastinitis” mixed with an equal amount of just plain laziness, this was hugely important for me.
Your positive vibe, cheerfulness and “you can do it” actually convinced me that “I could do it”-and I did it.  And I continue to do it as if you said I could. You are both strong and forceful, without appearing anything but gentle and supportive.
Again, thank you so much for setting me on a meaningful and measurable change in my life path.

Barbara D  7-31-11

I have severe spinal stenosis, which impacts my quality of life.  I am an active 82 year old woman who otherwise is quite healthy.  I’ve tried almost every non-surgical intervention, with no long-lasting positive effects.  I am a Hospice volunteer, something from which I derive much pleasure and comfort.  The pain I was experiencing precluded my volunteering there on a regular basis, which was most upsetting.  My pain management specialist has seen my condition worsen through the years and has been trying different procedures to bring me relief.  At an appointment several months ago, he suggested physical therapy.  I was hopeful but skeptical, not having found substantial relief from such therapy or more aggressive means in the past.  Willing to try anything, I went to Sylvia.  We clicked from day one, and she knew my goal was to be able to be more comfortable and return to Hospice on a regular basis.  We worked hard, keeping that goal in mind.  Sylvia always made me think it would be possible.  Her expertise with my particular problem and her “golden hands” has brought me relief and I am happy to say, I am back at Hospice.  She quickly assessed my fears and my abilities-made me see them- and pushed just a little beyond my comfort zone.  She knew how to handle me psychologically, as well as physically, and I truly don’t know where I’d be today without her.

Jean Malkin
Clearwater, Florida

Thanks so much for your therapy sessions during the first 3 months of 2010.  When I started, I could hardly lift anything with my right arm.  But your therapy has corrected that condition and I can play golf again with no pain! 

K E Penny    March 26, 2010
Largo, Florida

I was recommended to see Sylvia for physical therapy from my Pain Management Doctor, Dr. Brown.  She was very excited that I lived near Sylvia’s office so they could work together in my treatment.
  I have bulging and herniated disks in my neck, through Dr. Brown’s injections and Sylvia’s physical therapy I am leading a more productive lifestyle with less pain.  With Sylvia I had exercises, massage, cervical traction and ultrasound therapy.  She also gave me simple stretches and posture changes that relieved a considerable amount of the pain.
  When you live with chronic pain, you don’t realize the little things you start giving up in life.  Although I am not 100% back to health and have been released from their care I still try to incorporate what Sylvia has taught me and it has increased my quality of life.
  Thank you Sylvia for providing a caring and professional environment for our community.  The one on one treatment that you provide is extraordinary.  The health care industry needs more people like you!

VR Seminole, FL  2011

Dear Dr. Brown,
I wanted to let you know how well I'm doing following my visit with you on 9/2/08.  Thanks to you and Sylvia, I don't have any pain down my leg and I can do everything I could do prior to my back problem.  It's a miracle!  I'm so thankful that I found the two of you.  And to think how close I was to having back surgery, based on the recommendations of two surgeons!
With sincere gratitude,
Valerie P
CC: Sylvia Ruetz, PT